‘Mindfulness’ is a term that has become popular as a description of focused attention, awareness, and consciousness on the present moment, of ourselves and the processes in and around us. Mindfulness became popular in the last several decades, and has helped many to understand a more cohesive way of being in the world.    birch forest adalsborgen

I would like to coin a new phrase: Earthfulness.   Earthfulness, the way I see it, is the awareness and consciousness of Earth itself, of the land and processes around us and attention to our place in the ecosystem as well as the place of every other living being. Earthfulness is a process of reconciliation with our origins and our connections to life on Earth.  In a world marked by separation, of peoples, of nations, of ideology, of physical space, Earthfulness offers a wholeness perspective.  We are, both literally and by heritage, everything that has come before us; everything on Earth is connected through time and biology and the smallest elements of life.

Earthfulness is an understanding.  It is an awareness of the processes that both created us and everything around us.  It places us in perspective in our ecology and in our history.

Earthfulness is appreciation.   Growing consciousness seeds an overwhelming gratefulness for the Earth and our place in it.

Earthfulness is grounding.  It (sometimes literally) places us close to our roots, creates a foundation for our conviction and our action.

Earthfulness is attained through conscious consideration of nature and of our place in nature, both historically and geographically.  It is a meditative process, a learning process, and an experiential process.   Arne Næss, founder of deep ecology, said that deep experiences lead to deep understanding, which lead to deep commitment and then deep action.   Earthfulness is this deep ecological understanding, arising out of deep ecological and natural experiences, and leading to committed action.

The time for the development of Earthfulness is now.

2 thoughts on “Earthfulness

  1. Earthfulness is a great concept – I cut branches off some overgrown bushes in my garden today – I felt guilty over every chop – I felt I did not have the right to hack off and maim these plants – I am sceptical of suburban gardens – they represent that human obsession with controlling nature to make it le\ook neat and tidy just to serve our own means again – nature should be appreciated as wild and unspoilt – your garden is beautiful – cultivation for food, otherwise left to its own devices. x


    1. Thanks Alex, we are trying to work in a permaculture, and earthful manner! I often talk to the plants if and when I need to work against their interests, yes, being mindful of what and why we do is important.


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